500 KG Bag

Rubber Crumb (also sometimes referred to as rubber chips), makes an ideal top layer on a horse arena. It provides a cushioned surface, reducing likelihood of injury to horse and rider, Rubber Crumb protects the sand from breaking down, reducing the need for expensive replacement. Around 20 to 40 450KG bags are needed for a standard size arena to be covered to around 20 to 40mm depth.  Delivery can also be by tip truck, tipped directly onto the arena. Rubber Solutions can work out for you how much rubber you may need when the arena dimensions are supplied.
We recommend you follow this link, and read the very useful article about arena construction.

Crumb arena grade rubber chips

Standard Arena grade

Shredded tyre sidewall rubber which still includes the tyre fabric reinforcement. Coarse "chunks" of approximately 20 - 25 mm. Metal removed.
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Layers of sand and crumb mixing.

Example of Arena with rubber crumb over sand.

This covered arena has been in use for a few weeks and the mixing of the rubber and underlying sand can be seen. A finer grade of crumb was used in this project, as the surface is protected from the weather.
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